Lucy Corin

No one saw her jump from the city's tallest luxury rental apartment building. A guest at a nearby hotel called authorities later that day to report a body on the roof of a parking structure making a shape like frightened cartoon animals from her childhood. She and her partner in business and love, homeowners, carleasers, personally know three additional people who killed themselves in or on parking structures (one a thing called a "carport") this year. There's yet another documentary going around about the guardrail for the bridge debate. Clearly someone whose friend jumped there is trying to be objective but freaking out behind the camera every single second. It's amazing how transparent a camera can be in a situation like that. The partners wonder by what superpower they are operating when they can see through the movie like that. They are driving around, looking for a parking spot for the thing they're doing after the movie, moving their perspective in and out so the world looks like the world, then like it's 2-D on the windshield, and back again. They are always near a parking structure when they need one, but prefer to circle the city looking for a spot on the street. It's not the money; they have money and no shame about it. From above, they are drawing a sacred circle of protection around the parking structure as they circle for parking, but they don't tell each other, and they're not going inside the circle anyway. It's as if they could drive around it enough times to cut through the earth and have the structure fall like a cookie into oblivion. The only thing that's not clear is whether or not they know what they're thinking and what this has to do with how close they are and how much love they're in, how well they see through each other and what prevents them from killing themselves over it along the way.

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