Dear Wigleaf,

The last time I saw you I was different. You said you wouldn't love me until I became the person I am now. You said if I loved you, I would make myself into the woman you want. You said you would wait for me to do what needed to be done, that we would be happier if you were happier. I have done things since you last saw me. I know things now. I did not think of you once. I forgot what you look like, how you taste, how your skin feels. When you touch me now, I feel nothing. We both know I won't stay. You try to make me forgive you and I let you. I like seeing you grasping for the right words to undo what has been done. You couldn’t love me then and I can’t love you now. At the end of a long day, I sit on my balcony with a bottle of wine. It is often cold and windy but I find that peaceful. I wait.

- - -

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