Dear Wigleaf,
Wish you were here, because then maybe you'd take a lookout shift at the kitchen window. I've seen the albino deer in my side yard twice, but both times at dusk, so in the pictures I got, she looks like a ghost. If you keep watch, I can be on the porch, ready with my camera. Help yourself to anything in the fridge, of course (there's pickles, maybe), and be warned that when there's someone in the kitchen, the cats will beg. Treats are in the cupboard over the stove, but tell the fat one to get back outside, because he and the deer seem to have some sort of nervous friendship, and I don't know if she'll show herself if it looks like he's not there to meet her.
I'm hoping between the two of us, we can spot her before the snow begins in earnest. When it does, the fat cat won't be allowed outside anymore, and any picture of the deer will be white on white. No one will believe she was ever here.
Thanks much,


- - -

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