Dear Wigleaf,

I'm not feeling well. I've been sick for over a month now. I have a shitty HMO and can't get a doctor appointment but I shouldn't complain. I'm lucky to have health insurance. My eyes hurt and when I wake up in the morning, the world is blurry. Also, my head and teeth grinding all the time. My asthma's worse. I might as well be a welfare kid born next to the Port of Oakland the way I'm breathing. I shouldn't complain. I'm not a welfare kid and I can just use an inhaler instead of going to the hospital. I'm also coughing like I did when I was a chain smoker. I haven't smoked since I was 24. That was a bad time for me. I was married to a cross-dresser and living with my boyfriend's dad, who was partially toothless and had been crazy since his wife died. He met her in Vietnam. She was a lounge singer and had seizures sometimes. Everyone in that house hated me because I wasn't her. That house was also mildewy and smelled like cat piss. The windows were broken and prostitutes had sex in the bushes out front. I shouldn't complain but last night my friends went to the Redwood Room without me, a place notorious for sugar-daddy-catching and they were offered rides in personal helicopters and they got blackout drunk on premium alcohol and I was at home sleeping instead. I really hope this sickness goes away soon.


- - -

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