from SmokeLong Quarterly

JENNIFER  A.  HOWARD,   "(Love Is) Thicker Than Water"

  from Night Train

TAI  DONG  HUAI,  "Ankles"

  from Thieves Jargon

LINDSAY  HUNTER,   "Tuesday"

  from SmokeLong Quarterly


  from SmokeLong Quarterly

ROY  KESEY,   "Flies"

  from Hobart

JEFF  LANDON,   "Fatback"

  from SmokeLong Quarterly

TAO  LIN,   "The Professional Sasquatch"

  from Esquire

SEAN  LOVELACE,   "Notes from Matrimony, #9"

  from JMWW

RAVI  MANGLA,   "Horsie"

  from Sleepingfish

JOHN  MCNALLY,   "Ascension"

  from Freight Stories

MARY  MILLER,   "Diagnosis"

  from Hobart

KYLE  MINOR,   "Tomlinson Saying the Ball Was Tipped"

  from elimae

ASHLEY  MURRAY,   "A Family, in Tryptich"

  from elimae

CHRISTOPHER  NEWGENT,   "At the Fire Scene"

  from Freight Stories

J.M.  PATRICK,   "Seamus, Then"

  from Contrary

MEG  POKRASS,   "Leaving Hope Ranch"

  from Storyglossia

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