Dear Wigleaf,

We've received a $6,575 dollar invoice for "Sidora," a Real Doll that was purchased online with your IP address ( We can only presume that your editor Scott Garson initiated the transaction, and is currently enjoying said procurement.

We are not in the business of judging the romantic (or lack of) lifestyles of anyone; we are simply confused as to why Mr. Garson would have the bill sent to us. True, we did try to comfort him once over email one rather lonely Saturday night; and yes, we did advise that he 'relieve' himself artificially, but we were referring to much more modest means.

As for why this was printed out, cut by hand, and affixed to a postcard, we are embarrassed to say our funding is low and we can only afford the lower postage rate, which brings us full circle to our only non-judgmental point: our benevolence, however earnest, ends at 27 cents.


J. Chen, Embassy of Misguided Zen

- - -

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