Bro! So much has happened this summer. Heidi and Spencer went on I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. Me and Lori moved back to Pennsylvania, and then had our fourteenth anniversary. Then Heidi and Spencer left I'm a Celebrity. Then they went back on again. Ben is a little over three and started talking a whole lot more. It's amazing how the language just flows all the sudden. He has opinions now, but mostly about next year's Christmas List (current items: trains, tacos, purple, cookies, screwdriver). Michael Jackson died! I've been writing more, chipping away at another collection, so you know how that goes. Heidi and Spencer kind of didn't get married and then kind of did. They wore masks around on their honeymoon because of the swine flu (remember that!), and got in US Weekly a lot. I extended our deck twelve feet, including a sweet wraparound on the tree that's out there. It came out well, although if you walked around with a level, you might not think so. Jon and Kate broke up and he looked like a guy in a story I would write, one of those half-smart middle-aged dudes trapped in this stupid thing of his own making, with the bitchy wife, eight kids, not-really-hot girlfriend, papparazzi, and Ed Hardy t-shirts. I don't even think I could have made up the Ed Hardy shirts, and I'm pretty good at douchebaggy details like that. At least I like to think so.



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