Hi Wigleaf:

My aqua-green bathroom is in the middle of the house, on the main floor. It's the warmest room in the house because we're afraid of frozen pipes. The shower curtain is dark blue and when I'm the shower, thinking, it seems like nearly night time. There's a window to the backyard, next to the sink. What I've seen through the window: trees, my husband, my daughter, squirrel brothers, deer, a hawk, the white cat from next door.

When I have a special request I write it on the window, in the shower fog. I write it backwards, facing the rest of the world. It's the only writing I do in there.

If you cut me open and assembled my innards on a tray, among them would be an aqua-green tile. It would stand upright and survey the swollen mess around it. It would smell faintly of bleach and toothpaste. But at all times on a winter day, it would be warm to the touch.

-- Erin

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