(Kaye Blegvad)

Dear Wigleaf,

YOU TWIT. you dreamboat. you mars bar. you mermaid. you

i miss you.

you are the happiest octopus alive. you are my cold hands. you are the third tallest building in the city. you are my nose. you are santa claus. you are my cold, cold hands going blue at the tips.

i miss you.

i will throw you to the tigers and dance on their graves when you eat
their hearts right out of their chests, ridiculous things.

you berk. you child molestor. you chief.

i miss you

you have ruined my life

you have ruined me

i miss you

you horrible thing

you have ruined my life


- - -

Photo detail on main page courtesy of kfisto.

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Text from Kaye Blegvad's postcard, "Foods of Iceland":


Singed Sheep's Head with Carrots and Peas

Grilled Sheep's Head with Portos

Cube of Fermented Shark's Meat

Ram's Testicles, Pickled in Whey, Put into Gelatin Pressed into a Cake

Seal Flipper, Made Sour with Milk and Salted

Lamb Colons, Rolled up, Boiled, Pickled & Sliced

Rye Bread, Sometimes Called 'Thunderbread' by Icelanders

Sea Urchin

Pickled Herring

Dried Fish

Whale Blubber

Hot Dog

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