Blake Butler

Who Besy was would be was Besy was who we would had rubbed. Where Besy went was we did not know where Besy had went or where had she gone. Tom Tuck said Joe where did you left Besy, though Tom Tuck was not his name, and on the air there Joe'd had made a room out of his hands and inside his hands there was a glow, and Joe said that's where he'd had left her, that's where was she was where would be, Joe's eyes in eyes around us, beefing with the light. Tom Tuck looked in light a minute and therein then bent and reached his hands into the ground. Tom Tuck pulled a mud spurt up with all ten fingers and chewed the mud and spit the mud in Joe's boy's mouth. I said where'd you said you'd left with Besy, Tom Tuck was saying. I had the pigeon on my knee. My thumb plumb in the pigeon's wreck hole where we'd I'd had shot him fat with want knit from my spit. I don't to think you'd had to had to done that to that young boy, Joe, snarling, said. He turned his back around towards Tom Tuck. He wet his whole hand inside his mouth and wiped his boy clean with the hand skin and turned back at Tom Tuck and wiped the doubled mud on Tom Tuck's blouse and Tom's Tuck's nipples squirted blood. Tom Tuck turned his eyes at what had Joe had done and turned his eyes at where had Joe had his own eyes and Tom Tuck turned his eyes onto me a minute with the pigeon, the pigeon flesh of melting light, our pigeon we'd had were gone to give to Besy had she liked to had have the pigeon to set beside her bed, or to set inside her bed with, Tom Tuck would whisper slit to grinning, his hardon blistered in his pants. He'd had intended here in dew light here to hand her here the pigeon to Ms. Besy with his both hands, and me watching in such condition as would Besy as would would wet, and therein Joe'd would hew off in some circle for a hole from which and of which which to sun. Tom Tuck had to me told said since was I was one who'd worked the pigeon from my spit and my head resting, he told said I could would have to be there too, and would he and I could in and on take turns. Ms. Besy with the largest gush as would this country. Ms. Besy with as well a fine blouse, one which Tom Tuck would had had patterneded after also to make so he to her could as well wear. I am also Besy, as would Besy be once, would then I and I and I, I'd said saying, through the split in Tom Tuck's moaning with the moaning in the make, I am and am would also right here be here where for where us we and we, and said as also as would Tom Tuck in his blouse be someone also, as was he was as well and well'd and also, and was we was, we where we were we-ing, and but Tom Tuck, he'd would not say when what through me backward, would not not nothing nowhere none. In the wet blouse with the pigeon I watched the blood off Tom Tuck's nipples dribble on his bib, blabbing the light which would would want to show up from where inside his wet chest part where his blinker shuddered on and off. Tom Tuck looked down as if to lick it, his blinker, rashed with his with translucent tongue, scrubbed on the inside into lather, which in which which I would evenings bathe. Joe's boy's mouth had come up off him here to be not where it belonged, though Joe, fit in his middle only, the rest of him all flab, made his own mouth into teeth and smiled smiling. Blinking. Besy, Joe groaned in groan eruption, aiming at me, the liquid squibbing from his gums, she's is right where she was were warming, where she had was were was were burnt, where was she would only be. Tom Tuck kept on to look with at his owning, the blood scored on his arms, those there'd tattooing into'd prism grind. He'd had he waited till was Joe was turned with Joe's boy turning where around their hands together aimed at home. I'd had watched or watched some as while Tom Tuck threw his arms up there and there then up into the nape and way of Joe's boy's back. Tom Tuck's arms went on through Joe's boy's body's back and out the other flat half near the noon. I could hear the gog of Joe's boy's body's breathing in him with Tom Tuck's hands hunched through and in into him whole, and I could see with Tom Tuck's hands functioned out the other side wide as his hands came back down and around into Joe. Through Joe's chest and out the other side again, as if in sewing, making mustard, mush, the blood now from Tom Tuck roaring down his arms and into his two kin-two pinned men. In my hands I felt the pigeon cracking and I snubbed it with my thumb to make it shush. I watched Tom Tuck's hands come back from through Joe and Joe's boy and go through in the back of Tom Tuck and out again, and into Joe's boy's back against when they had went the first time but this time larger, wholer holes, and through Joe's boy and Joe and Tom Tuck once forever and again again again, I watched with our melt pigeon molting as the blood burst open and the skin and hands made the three men into none, the curd of all them sprouting rash and flowers, the way'd would we'd had had would also would he and I in Besy brushed the whole of all of us, so had said Tom Tuck thereon aloud tone-tongued, the way'd would any one be ever also in the making of the making of the want. Among the lung light left there thereafter where the men were there were after there among ring of holes, the smell of groaning built of nowhere, a cord of errored gleam and heavy breathing which together over me and this last pigeon shook to slivers came to loom, came to crust upon the air and there around, this last pigeon no longer wet or we, no longer see-through, my arms no longer also not nowhere and unmine.

Blake Butler's Ever, from Calamari Press, has just been released.

Detail of photo on main page courtesy of morena 7.

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