from Redivider

MICHAEL  BENEDIKT,   "Three Sensualities"

  from Double Room

TEAGUE  BOHLEN,   "Jesus Wants Me to Refinance"

  from Ghoti

ELAINE  CHIEW,   "God's Small Hands"

  from Juked

KIM  CHINQUEE,   "Grace"

  from elimae

KIM  CHINQUEE,   "Holiday Inn"

  from SmokeLong Quarterly

MYFANWY  COLLINS,   "I Am Holding Your Hand"

  from Monkeybicycle

MARTHA  COOLEY,   "Sienna, Italy, 9 August 2007"

  from KGB Bar Lit

LYDIA  COPELAND,   "Haircut"

  from NOÖ Journal

LUCY  CORIN,   "Baby"

  from Tarpaulin Sky

DAWN  CORRIGAN,   "Dream of Heat"

  from The Dream People


  from elimae

ELIZABETH  ELLEN,   "What Was Meant"

  from Storyglossia

KATHY  FISH,   "Wake Up"

  from Juked

H.A.  FLEMING,   "Five Moments of Marjane"

  from Pequin

ELIZABETH  FOLEY,   "One A.M. at the Beau Rivage"

  from 971 Menu

ANN  GELDER,   "Airspell"

  from Pindeldyboz

MERIDA  GORMAN,   "Houses"

  from elimae

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