Dear Wigleaf,

This is the first postcard I have ever actually sent anyone. I have promised to send many, have gone so far as to buy the actual postcards and the special stamps. Instead, I sometimes put the postcards in photo albums because I am also bad at getting film developed. My parents sent me to Europe and I didn't send a single postcard or shoot a single roll of film. Later, I drove all the way to Arizona and shot twenty rolls of film, which are still in a Ziploc bag covered in sand. Also in the bag are the postcards from the Grand Canyon and the Painted Desert and Dead Horse Ranch State Park, all places I did not send postcards from.

There are so many things I am bad at, so many tiny letdowns inflicted on people who care about me.

I would like you to forward this postcard to them. I would like you to tell them that I have bought more postcards.

Tell them that I will acquire the special stamps, and that I will use them before postage rates change again.

Tell them I have things to tell them soon, and that soon I will tell them.

Tell them there are lots of messages that fit quite easily onto the back of a postcard.

Some of these, they are the simplest things I could ever write, but they have taken me forever.

I'm sorry.

I love you.

I'm coming home, very very soon.

- - -

Photo detail on main page courtesy of Juli Shannon.

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