Dear Wigleaf,

He's not pretty, but there you go, I suppose men aren't meant to be. Men are different from women, my mother often told me, and to my astonishment it's true. He's been discussing me with other people, but he reassures me, I didn't tell them about your past. Everyone has a past, I say. He laughs, not like you have. This morning he texted me, I love you even more today than I did yesterday. I've been puzzling this over. It must be one of those things men say to women. He also told me, I'll come round on Wednesday and we'll do the thing people do naturally. Of course I know what that means, but I pondered the word naturally.

I'm in the office now, overhearing "They took my chair away and gave me some shitty old one." That's no good, the other girl says. Has it got, like, arms and stuff? "I don't want arms." However, at least unlike many employers they're happy for you to get pregnant. So most of us are either on maternity leave or soon will be.

Lots of love, Frances

- - -

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