Dear Wigleaf,

Last night Hurricane Hanna hit full-force. Six inches of pelting rain. Our basement flooded and despite the valiant efforts of both my adoptive parents and myself, personal property loss was substantial.

This morning, as the clouds passed, it was time to drag up what we could and try to sort out what was still salvageable. Our front lawn was a battle field: water-logged stuffed animals, a futon that now weighs more than a refrigerator, four old TVs, the entire Encyclopedia of Dreams and Numerology, cardboard boxes of income tax receipts dating back to 1998, tools that were rusted before the hurricane ever hit, a cross-country ski machine with one ski missing, the collection of troll dolls I forgot I even had, a box of cassette tapes which included The Greatest Hits of The Beau Brummels, and The Sounds of London by the English Muffins.

My poor dad, in the interests of allowing private mourning among our family of three, was forced to post a sign that read: THIS IS NOT A TAG SALE.

Why a merciful god would let something like this happen, I have no idea. Still, I pray things go better for all of you.



- - -

Tai Dong Huai was born in Taizhou, China. She has fiction in recent issues/postings of elimae, Hobart, Word Riot, 971 Menu, jmww and others.

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