Dear Wigleaf,

I have on a pair of jeans, which is okay. I also have on a denim shirt, which is not completely okay. Basically—as anyone with style will tell you—it is not 'cool' to have an outfit comprised of the same material. For example, a mummy is not cool. Panda bears are cooler than Grizzly bears because Panda bears have two colors. Do you see where I’m going with this?

It's Monday and I'm at work. My mouth is dry. My zip-lock bag of green tea leaves looks like something else. The printer just choked. I have two compressed air cans that I'm passionate about. I have every single highlighter color but nothing to highlight. I want to expose the simulacra of reality by using my COPY stamp everywhere. I need a revolution that doesn't involve exercise. I'm tired.

Who needs casual Fridays when you can look like shit every day?


Jimmy Chen

- - -

Jimmy Chen's writing has appeared in Failbetter, Juked, elimae, and Lamination Colony, among others; recently a story of his was included in See You Next Tuesday (Vol. 2), published by Better Non Sequitur. He lives in San Francisco.

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