Dear Wigleaf,

My mouse won't work. It keeps slurring on the screen. My keyboard loses the Bluetooth connection. Everything is wireless. Everything is dropping out. I have a magic bug. Last week I made the music in my car stop. The head unit was on but there was no sound. The next day it worked again. I zapped my iPod dead while running. I always see paper on the ground kids from the middle and high school up the street drop on their way home. The most real thing I've ever read was a 40 page letter from my friend's sixth grade stepsister to her slightly older boyfriend about her abortion and how much she loved his dick even the day they cut the baby out. We found the letter in a neon folder in the garage. Other things are happening every day. These days I mostly derive the most pleasure from taking Zyrtec, which administers its pleasure by creating the temporary absence of discomfort. My dad talks more to the dog than anyone lately. The dog doesn't ever seem to want to move. The dog no longer even gets excited about its food.


- - -

Blake Butler is the editor of Lamination Colony. He lives in Atlanta and blogs at No One Does That.

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