Once upon a time there were two-hundred stories. They lived on a magical island called The Internet. The Internet was a vast country in which many stories could live comfortably. And yet they did not. Every day stories called out who they were, trying to save each other with their identities. Every day other stories could not find their way through the surrounding seas. Then one day The Internet flooded, and there was room for only fifty stories on a little boat called Wigleaf. There were other boats, and the monster guarding Wigleaf wanted to take more than fifty, but regulations are a part of any flood. He chose the stories he believed needed to stay together, stories he believed would keep him and each other alive. The stories were heavy, full of a survivor's weight, full of life, and they called to each other with pleasure and belonging as the boat sank slowly beneath the waters which were now everywhere.

Matthew Salesses

Matthew Salesses' most recent novel is the THE HUNDRED-YEAR FLOOD. He lives in Houston.

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