I want to think.

I want to feel.

I want to remember.

I want to forget.

I want to be held in place.

I want to be transported.

I want to be turned on.

I want to be repulsed.

When I read, I want so much and these fifty stories fulfilled my desires. These fifty stories introduced me to wants I did not even know I had.

Each of these flash fictions, these compressed stories, held me in their thrall. These are stories with not a word or idea out of place. These are writers who are willing to take chances and cut through flesh to show us the gleaming white of bone. As you read the 2015 Wigleaf 50, I hope that you, too, will discover new wants through the remarkable words of others.

—Roxane Gay

Roxane Gay is the author, most recently, of the novel AN UNTAMED STATE and the essay collection BAD FEMINIST. Her next book, HUNGER, is forthcoming from Harper.

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